Holiday Thoughts, Health Worries

I promised this would be a bilingual journal, so I should give a bit more time to the English side.

Christmas is just around the corner — unbelievable. I want to get in the spirit as I used to , and in fact it flows naturally (when I’m not at work, that it) but Edmund is definitely not in the mood for Holiday Cheer. As I was saying in the previous post, he’s been sick for over a week now. He’s agreed to go to the clinic in the morning.

Heh. Just for the sake of Holiday spirit, I did go listen to the 1992 Santaland Diaries excerpt on NPR. Truly a classic.

While Edmund wasn’t sick, we did manage to rent a vacation house in Sequim, Washington, for the week of December 26 through January 1. We’ll be spending the week there with our friends Ed (different Ed!), Linda, and Jenifer.

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