RPGs as Holiday Presents

I’m re-posting this here; I first posted it on RPG.net but didn’t get many responses; however, it might still be useful to somebody else.

In the spirit of giving and the Holidays, I thought I’d share my RPG-related Christmas list ideas. I figure there are several flavours of gifts and giving for the players or GMs in your life:

Most obvious is that brand new or more expensive game that your gamer has not yet treated her/himself to. I’m thinking of such games as:

At the other end of the monetary spectrum are some very affordable,very neat standalone games you can buy as PDF or print for under $20,and very often even free. I think compiling and nicely packaging a CD of free or affordable downloads makes a nice present. Some personal favourites:

Then there’s the books that are out of print, hard to find, etc. A trip to eBay, Half Price Books or the used section of your FLGS can get you inexpensive and really neat presents. Good games to get that way:

  • As a shameful example, since I actually purchased it for myself, I just got Prince Valiant for $8 (Chaosium)
  • Everway (WotC/Rubicon Games/Gaslight Press)
  • Star Wars d6 (West End Games) and assorted sourcebooks (get the 2nd edition revised if you can)
  • Greg Stolze’s Usagi Yojimbo, and the one sourcebook for it, Monsters (Gold Rush Games)
  • Toon (Steve Jackson Games)
  • Marvel Super Heroes (TSR)

Then there are gaming accessories such as dice, erasable maps,miniatures, etc. I also like sound effect or soundtrack CDs — perhaps even a home compilation of such, including downloaded or ripped soundtracks from some computer games that have particularly good music.

And even better, consider offering a game for your loved ones and friends! Run a holiday game for them, introduce their/your children or teens to role-playing, organize a Christmas-themed LARP or a murder mystery so everyone can dress up, etc.

How about you? Any RPG gift suggestions for the holidays?

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