Herding cats

So we had our more-or-less bi-weekly (or rather semi-monthly) game this afternoon; I’m running a super cop-show game set in the universe of Top 10, the Alan Moore/Gene Ha comic book, using the Mutants & Masterminds system. Our group is a nice, comfy, friendly bunch: seven funny, clever people that include four women and three men, all of whom enjoy role-playing and storytelling but also the social aspects of gaming. We often get together for lunch beforehand, and always for dinner afterwards, so we can have a debrief. It’s a very pleasant group, with only one big flaw: it’s so hard to keep on topic. Everyone tends to throw in a lot of digressions, asides, and one-liners. I suggested we have a jar and throw in a quarter everyone we start wandering off-topic, so that we we’ll be able to pay for dinner after the game! I mind it a little, and I really want to improve that aspect, but it is such a nice bunch of people to hang out with. 🙂