Scattered Sunday

Today we had a debrief for the Emerald City Gamefest, a gaming event I helped organize. Although the event itself was a success (we conservatively estimate attendance at over 100 people, probably closer to 150, and feedback was excellent), the planning part was unnecessarily stressful and disappointing, at least for Edmund and I. But the debrief went better than I had hoped; people did examine what went well and what went wrong. I was able to explain what I didn’t like and why, without getting confrontational or pointing fingers.

Then we went to our FLGS, The Dreaming, and I talked to owner Aron Anderson about the excellent new book from Chad Underkoffler at Atomic Sock Monkey Press, The Zorcerer of Zo. Aron is a big supporter of small press and indie publishers, and carries a great selection from Indie Press Revolution. He said he would get some copies. Then we went to the Dollar Store so Edmund to pick up cheap (and lame) toys for his upcoming Zorcerer of Zo game next Monday, set on the Island of Misfit Toys: “King Moonracer has been overthrown in a coup led by a cabal of action figures and their legions of Devil Ducks! The characters must defeat them and save Christmas once again!”

Then we spent the evening making and signing our Christmas cards.