And more Holiday Glee…

Here’s a cute little column by Diane Roberts on NPR, “The Culture War On Saturnalia”. Thanks to Theron Bretz for posting the transcript in his LJ.

We decorated the tree, hanging all the little Japanese angels Edmund’s mum made while she was pregnant with him. ^_^ We hung the “Noel” banners on the door, and the bells, and we plopped a bunch of wrapped presents under the tree (mostly going to our friends).

A cool RPG thing I forgot to mention this week: Sandy Antunes of Technomancer Press is about to publish a book called “Roleplaying with Kids”. Just as he was going to press, he came across my page on the same topic and decided he’d like to include it as part of a chapter. I said yes, of course. It’s neat to put something together and find out it is in fact useful to other people. 🙂

Tick, Tock Goes the Clock

We’re kinda sort of ready for the Holidays. Ready enough. It’s just nice to have a little time off. We finished picking up and wrapping the last few presents today, without having to hurry. I like the Holidays a lot, and I hate rushing through them.

Poor Edmund is not as fond of Christmas as I am, but graciously agreed to help me get a tree. We walked to the store because we decided that carrying the tree would be less of a challenge than trying to stuff it in — or on top of — the car. We’ll decorate it tomorrow; it was a bit too damp to put ornaments on though it’s drying nicely. It’s a very shapely Douglas fir; we were thwarted in our tradition of waiting until the last minute to get the ugliest tree and give it a Charlie Brown Christmas. All the trees were beautiful!

A few days ago we discovered that Santaland Diaries was playing here in Seattle at the Bathhouse Theatre, so we got tickets to tomorrow — er, make that tonight. Then we’re having Christmas lunch/dinner at some friends on Christmas day.

I spent some time today setting up a wiki for our gaming club, and specifically to keep track of the games that have been run there. Other club members immediately jumped in with additions, so I guess it will live.

We watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica; we’re almost through Season 1 but I’m really not warming up to it. Meh.