Tick, Tock Goes the Clock

We’re kinda sort of ready for the Holidays. Ready enough. It’s just nice to have a little time off. We finished picking up and wrapping the last few presents today, without having to hurry. I like the Holidays a lot, and I hate rushing through them.

Poor Edmund is not as fond of Christmas as I am, but graciously agreed to help me get a tree. We walked to the store because we decided that carrying the tree would be less of a challenge than trying to stuff it in — or on top of — the car. We’ll decorate it tomorrow; it was a bit too damp to put ornaments on though it’s drying nicely. It’s a very shapely Douglas fir; we were thwarted in our tradition of waiting until the last minute to get the ugliest tree and give it a Charlie Brown Christmas. All the trees were beautiful!

A few days ago we discovered that Santaland Diaries was playing here in Seattle at the Bathhouse Theatre, so we got tickets to tomorrow — er, make that tonight. Then we’re having Christmas lunch/dinner at some friends on Christmas day.

I spent some time today setting up a wiki for our gaming club, and specifically to keep track of the games that have been run there. Other club members immediately jumped in with additions, so I guess it will live.

We watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica; we’re almost through Season 1 but I’m really not warming up to it. Meh.

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