One week down, 51 to go…

Gaaah! I’m glad I only worked three days this week. I really dig this “being on vacation” thing, I need more of it.

Tomorrow should be fun, our RPG group is getting together to create characters for an Unknown Armies mini-series, our first ever. We have 7 great people in the group (I’m including myself!), which promises to be as great as the group that plays Top 10 on alternate Saturdays. Then after character creation, we’re going to playtest the new rules for Land of Og. Whee!

At the SGA gaming community, things are also rolling along briskly. Our weekly games are already booked through February, all with games that look like they’ll kick @$$! With other gaming associations in Seattle, we’re trying to set up more games for Conquest NW, boost it a little so we don’t lose our winter convention.

Yeah, I’m happy it’s Friday afternoon. 🙂