More weather and gaming ramblings

Seattle’s been iced over since last Wednesday. We got enough snow in my neighbourhood to hold on to the “winter wonderland” look. Fortunately, streets are mostly clear as of yesterday afternoon, except in shady spots where the sun never hits enough to melt the ice. I worked from home on Wednesday and Thursday, and that was going well. On Friday, I was gently asked to come to the office. I did, but I still don’t know why; I didn’t have any work that I couldn’t handle equally well from home. Heh.

Saturday we had some more snow; Edmund and I attended the monthly SGA luncheon then I ran my Top 10: Night Shift game. Because some of the players come quite a distance from out of town (the champion comes from Bellingham, which is 82 miles or 136 km) and the snow had started again, we decided we would end the game earlier than usual, so I pretty much threw the party into a big fight almost as soon as the game opened. I normally hate games that are just a big battle, but the PCs were definitely due for a fight; I tend to run low-combat games and some of the players had been frank about itching for a slugfest. So I had the Special Operations Bureau team run into a group of Nazi science villains, including a couple of the PCs’ nemeses (nemesises?) and a Bad Guy who had been lurking in the shadows for several episodes, the Brain Beast of Berlin. Everyone did really well and the mix of abilities I had picked for the villains seem to provide adequate challenge. Then we had our customary post-game group dinner, which is half the reason some of the players are in our group, being self-described “social gamers.”

On Sunday, Edmund and I went book shopping (no particular reason, that’s just the only recreational shopping we do!) at The Dreaming and Half Price Books, then went to see “Miss Potter”. It’s a sweet little movie, not “heartwarming” enough to make me nauseous (I’m not big on chick flicks.)

And last night (Monday), we had our weekly game at SGA, with the conclusion of Johnzo’s “Against the Lord of Blood”. It was oodles of fun, and the GM offered a truly “old skool” prize, which was randomly assigned but fittingly ended up with Meg who played Sammy “Goldswimmer”: a copy of the really, really bad novel by Rona Jaffe, “Mazes & Monsters”.  Ow.