Nerdly Update for Monday Morning

Nerd Index for last weekend was close to 1.0, meaning we spent almost the entire weekend doing nerdly useless things instead of chores.

On Friday night, I managed to write a quick capsule review for Conspiracy of Shadows, which I’d just finished reading, and to wrap up the bulk of my notes for a few articles on the SGA wiki. I still need to type up my playtest notes from Land of Og ASAP, and I’m waiting for my print copy of The Zorcerer of Zo to post an actual play review.

Saturday opened with aggravation from Kinko’s when Edmund tried to print his game notes and the one available computer wouldn’t read his disk (despite the fact that the disk could be read just fine at home on both our far-from-state-of-the-art computers.) We had to go back home, transfer the content of his CD to my flash drive, then go print it elsewhere. But we did manage to make our habitual Saturday stops: lunch (a bit on the run) at Brooklyn Grinder (best sandwiches in Seattle), go across the street to pick up a few books we had ordered at The Dreaming (our Friendly Local Gaming Store), then race to Edmund’s Unknown Armies game, decide to change venues because UA is just not comfortable to play in a noisy, bustling, family-oriented venue.

We finally settled down for an afternoon of gaming. Terrific kick-off to our mini-series; Taylor did an awesome job as party leader (she plays an Avatar of the Merchant). It was quite interesting because Edmund had written the opening game before we had decided on our characters, but somehow we ended up picking a bunch of triggers that fit closely with his game. I need to post the game notes ASAP. Then after the game our friends Ed and Linda, where we’d ended up playing, invited us to stay for Linda’s excellent seafood lasagna followed by a pear and Port torte!

On Sunday, we woke up quite late even though we had gone to bed early. We grabbed some brekkie, then headed out to catch the matinée of “Letters from Iwo Jima” at the Egyptian Theater, then we came back home briefly and, to our cats’ displeasure, soon disappeared again to go see “Flags of Our Fathers” at the Crest Cinema, the local second-run theatre. It was great to see both on the same day. Not a cheerful topic, but two great movies that made awesome cinematographic bookends. I think maybe I’ll get both DVDs as a set for dad.