And the games this week…

This weekend I ran a playtest game for the upcoming Truth & Justice edition of Tim Gray’s Legends Walk! I treated it as the “Annual” for our Top 10: Night Shift game; you can read a summary here. We had a good time and I hope we can play both LW and T&J more often. On Sunday I wrote a fairly lengthy play report, I hope Tim will forgive me. :-}

Tonight we play a fairly free-form game using the HeroQuest system but making up the setting cooperatively, under Johnzo’s direction. I’m very much looking forward to it. It sounds like many of us are in the mood for sci-fi writ large, should be fun. If it goes well, this will become another of the SGA Monday Night Short-Shots recurring games.

Bonne nouvelles / Good News!

J’ai parlé au téléphone avec maman hier soir; elle me dit que papa a vu son pneumologue la semaine dernière, que ses résultats d’examens étaient excellents et qu’il n’a pas à voir d’autre docteur avant six mois. Naturellement, ça lui remet le morale au beau, lui qui déteste les hôpitaux et les visites chez le docteur.

Talked to mom on the phone last night; she mentioned that dad had seen his pneumologist last week, that his recent test results were excellent, and that he wouldn’t have to return for another six months. Naturally, this made dad very happy, since he hates even being near doctors.

Busy! / Occupée!

Ufda, but it’s been busy lately — though in the “full of sound and fury, signifying…” — well, signifying life goes on. The most annoying thing was that I had a recurring eye infection for about a month, which was exacerbated by a bad cold. It seems to be gone now (fingers crossed) but it made it difficult to read or type.

This weekend was a heavy gaming weekend for us. We started with our regular Unknown Armies game on Saturday, then on Sunday we went to ConQuest NW where I ran a Cat game with six players. Then I played in the two games Edmund ran back to back for The Zorcerer of Zo (4 players) and Hollow Earth Expeditions (7 players, and Edmund sadly had to turn away two more). Finally, last night we played in Taylor’s 7th Sea game as part of the Monday Night Games at the local club. All games were great fun! I was delighted that people enjoyed the Cat game because I’m always tremulous before running a one-off.

I also had my first chance to travel to Alaska two weeks ago. I went to Metlakatla, on Annette Island near Ketchikan. Gorgeous! I was fortunate and had fabulous weather while I was there; and the people in Metlakatla are so very nice! Unfortunately, the trip took place while I was in the middle of a bad cold, so that didn’t help. I ended up having to take a few sick days. 😦

I’ve been reading (slowly) Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series and enjoying it a lot.

Voilà un moment que je n’ai pas écrit. Une méchante petite infection oculaire m’a rendu la lecture pénible pendant près d’un mois. Chaque fois que je croyais en avoir fini, je découvrais que je m’étais montrée trop optimiste. Mais enfin, je crois que c’est fini… Je me croise les doigts.

J’ai quand même participé à pas mal d’activités, mais surtout dans l’organisation du club de jeux local. Donc, peu d’intérêt pour les gens du Québec. Mais j’ai fait mon premier voyage en Alaska! C’était pendant mon rhume, ce qui n’a pas aidé la petite santé, mais j’ai eu la chance de visiter alors qu’il faisait un temps superbe. Je me suis rendue à Metlakatla près de Ketchikan et j’ai fait mon premier tour en hydravion.