Inevitable Weekend Roundup

A busy weekend, once again! It started out on Friday night, creating a wiki for Taylor’s DragonMech game which we just joined this week. Even though we’re talking d20 here, this game is a piece of wonder for many reasons. Taylor is a great GM, which is neat in itself; the crew is enthusiastically participative; but the amazing thing is that in a group of 7 people (6 players plus GM), Edmund is the only man. Yep, 6 gals and one lone guy playing a big mecha RPG!

On Saturday morning we had a Dragonflight planning committee meeting (I’m now prize coordinator, and Edmund is both assistant RPG coordinator and official event photographer.) Then we had our monthly Seattle Gamers Assemble! luncheon; this month it was at Zak’s Burger Joint in the Ballard district.

Then I ran my bi-monthly Top 10: Night Shift game, with 7 players (a lot for me.) We just switched over to the Truth & Justice system; it was the second game we used it (first for some of the players), but people like it a lot so far. After the games we always go have dinner together, we ended up eating Italian food and of course rehashing old game stories.

Sunday we visited our favourite Seattle gaming and comics store, The Dreaming; Aron had received a bunch of small press games so we couldn’t help but get print copies of Roanoke and Seven Leagues, for which we only had PDF versions; we also sprung for Swansong, a game we had never heard of but which seems interesting because its entire mechanics are based on using the tarot. Then we went to our friend Linda’s concert; she is part of the Choir of the Sound, and they were singing Carmina Burana. In between all this, we did the shopping, laundry, some tasks for Dragonflight and Emerald City Gamefest, etc.

Tonight we have sushi dinner and Edmund’s on-going Roanoke: Lost Colony game.

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