Update & Weekend Forecast

Long time, no blog. I’m keeping myself busy with organizing local conventions and game clubs. I’ve worked on the list of potential sponsors for Dragonflight (I have a list of nearly 150 names), and I ran the first part of my Seven Leagues game last Monday (part 2 is in a couple of weeks).

Yesterday was Edmund’s birthday; we’re combining the monthly SGA luncheon and his birthday celebration to have a bite at Brooklyn Grinder, and I’m bringing a cake from Honey Bear Bakery (chocolate with fresh strawberry and blueberry filling). We’re gaming in the afternoon (Edmund is running Unknown Armies, Part 5 of 6) and who knows what we’ll do for dinner. Probably go out somewhere neat. On Sunday, we plan on catching the matinee of Grindhouse at The Neptune. In the evening we play in Taylor’s DragonMech game.

The weather here is finally set to “Spring”. Like yesterday, we’re having a gorgeous day. I hope it holds for a few days. That puts me in mind of vacations! I should have three weeks again. We’re so sick of airports and airlines (I love flying, but I hate getting there…) that we’re planning on driving to the East Coast this time. Sure, this will be one long road trip, but we’ll see places we’ve never been to. I’d like to go through the Canadian West, as I’ve never been to Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

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