Weekend Proceeding Satisfactorily!

We had the SGA meeting/birthday party and it was fun. The cake was scrumptious and the grinders as good as ever. We had eleven people, plus we left a couple of slice with Terry and his assistant at Brooklyn Grinders and a couple to Aron and his wife at The Dreaming (the gaming store across the street), so a fun time was had by all. Edmund picked a sourcebook for Iron Kingdoms for his birthday present.

Then we headed for our game, the fifth episode of our Unknown Armies mini-series. We had intramural conflict between PCs but not between players! We had death and drama! We had possession by ghosts or demons! We had the team actually doing some serious investigation! We rocked! After the game, the seven of us walked to a nearby Ethiopian restaurant we’d meant to try for a while, and we had a wonderful, leisurely, yummy dinner served by the charming owner. And it was inexpensive, and we have leftovers to reheat (the ingera will fall apart, though.) Over dinner, we planned the upcoming L5R game that will follow the UA mini-series. So the weekend is going really well so far! Tomorrow: movie and DragonMech.

And now, this brief message:

Most books and games are distributed by means of stores. Some through online publication. This, right here, is an attempt at distribution-by-online-meme. The “leaf” picture above is a clickable link; if you click on it, you will download a PDF book. The book is an extremely simple, introductory tabletop roleplaying game entitled Microcosm, one meant to show the reader through play what a tabletop roleplaying game is, and to show off a few little ideas to people who already play such games. To use it, you’ll need at least one other person to play with, though a total of 3-4 people is usually best. You’ll also need a pen or pencil, some paper, and a bowl full of tokens (poker chips, pennies, whatever). The game is, in all ways, free of charge.

Naturally, this is both a bit of an attention grab for the game being distributed, and a bit of an attempt to find out if distributing something in this way is even remotely viable. So, if it strikes you as a neat idea, or you like this particular introduction to tabletop roleplaying, or you just want to use it as a conversation piece, please copy this entry into your online space. The picture above is remotely located at:

And the link leads to:


If you’re willing to copy this meme, please use that same picture and link. If you don’t like spreading memes, fair enough; mentioning this attempt, and linking back to it, would be very much appreciated as well.


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