Monday Ramblings, Part 1: On the Plus Side

Things that went well this weekend:

  • The Dragonflight convention meeting on Saturday morning. Happily, we’re getting in gear and the pace is picking up.
  • The Dragonflight board of directors meeting that immediately followed it. It was reassuringly lively and efficient. We received great support for Emerald City Gamefest. In fact, one of the active members and convention staff members generously made a $200 donation from his own pocket to help us pay for incorporation and licensing fees! That’s about our entire budget for last year’s event!
  • My Top 10: Night Shift – Truth & Justice game went quite well, considering how fried my brain was right after three hours of meetings. It’s thanks to the players, however. They’re getting into this shared story creation. Ed F. created a wonderful flashback than ran backwards for his character, Memento-like. Edmund brought in The Haunted Tank and the ghost of (sigh) Jeb Stuart. Dawn introduced her character’s shoplifting alcoholic mother. And everyone contributed wonderful ideas. I can see why likes to use this approach to make his life easier as GM.
  • After the game, the entire group ate at a local Indian food, Zaika. The food is really good and we love these dinners together.
  • On Sunday, we had the Emerald City Gamefest Flying Committee planning meeting. It was a good productive meeting, we introduced new advisory members, made all decisions unanimously. Then we played board games for a while, and I cleaned everybody at Medici. But then I lost both games of Once Upon A Time.
  • Benjamin is taking his antibiotics without trouble and seems to be recovering nicely.

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