The Bear Affair bears watching!

I posted my actual play review of Truth & Justice to RPGNet on Friday, submitted for “Supers Week.” I’m trying to finish the actual play review of Legends Walk! – T&J Edition by the April 30 deadline so it can also be published on Supers Week.

Great Unknown Armies game on Saturday (game #6). This is a three-mission mini-series; although the team (not the players!) has accumulated a lot of internal grudges and enmities, we’re far more effective in our third mission than we were in the first two. It’s intriguing, because on game #5 we wrapped up the second mission with a moderate cock-up, and started the third mission with brilliant work. There was maybe 15 minutes of epilogue and “what do you have to take care of between missions?”, then we went from a pack of people ready to throttle one another to a smooth-running team of dedicated investigators. Of course, it helps that the players work very well together and play attention to each other’s reactions.

On Sunday, Edmund and I had a good time at the Woodland Park Zoo for the Bear Affair event. The weather forecast had been rather unfavourable, but we decided to go and had pretty good light. The high points were definitely seeing two large grizzlies ripping up a Spongebob Squarepants sleeping bag and jumping up and down on an ice chest; and the snow leopard rolling on his back about two paces from the viewing window, trying to convince us that he wasn’t going to claw our faces off if we rubbed his belly… 🙂 All in all, a good photo op day; I hope some of our pictures will turn out. We shot three or four 36-exposure rolls each.

I plan on using the bear photos to educate those of our friends who keep leaving food out when we go camping together!

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