Exodus II – Episode 3

Thanks to Johnzo’s half-hour of prep and everyone’s enthusiasm and creativity, we had another great Monday night game with our third episode of the best scifi show of the season, Exodus II.  :-p I left my 6 pages on hand-written notes with Johnzo

  • Rokk’s allergic reaction to the symptom suppressants administered by Dr. Singh tipped off Alice to the infection, so she immediately put Rokk Razor’s ship (Razor’s Edge) under quarantine and took refuge at St. Dymphna, exposing the hospice to the deadly spores.
  • Dr. Agroya arranged for protective injections for Supriya (who refused) and Pointdexter (who accepted) against the biowarfare agent supposedly released by the Council of Cardinals.
  • Inquisitor Ignatius organized and headed an investigation team, bringing Inquisitorial marines, Milton Pointdexter, Supriya and a couple of assistants, and Dr. Chitrani Smith, N.P. (Dr. Agroya’s assistant), with everyone suited up to prevent exposure to the infection.
  • Rokk spilled the beans to the Inquisitor about the little side trip to Sri Lanka and Pointdexter’s role in helping Dr. Singh stowaway aboard the Razor’s Edge.
  • The investigation team discovered that the Razor’s Edge was covered in spores, though Dr. Smith was at first amazingly unconcerned and initially declared both Rokk and Alice to be fine.
  • Christopher the A.I. informed Inquisitor Ignatius that Cardinal Mustapha was preparing to intern all Indian crewmembers on Exodus II to the abandoned Exodus III construction facility.
  • Supriya confessed to Inquisitor Ignatius that Dr. Agroya had offered her a mysterious injection.  The Inquisitor asked her to help stop the Cardinals and show loyalty to Exodus II.
  • The Belters put a ship in orbit above Sri Lanka, ready to bombard it with an asteroid at Alice’s command — or if her vital signs disappeared (dead man’s switch).
  • Supriya had her loyal crew kidnap Dr. Agroya and keep him isolated.
  • Pointdexter, looking increasingly like the weasel he is, kept ahead of the game by snooping on everyone and making deals left and right.
  • Supriya suggested that the Razor’s Edge can be deconned by cooking the spores to an extremely high temperature — by passing through the smelter at high speed.  Only the best pilot in the System could accomplish this…  Fortunately, Rokk was feeling better by then.
  • Alice, however, started developing symptoms.  Dr. Smith, who had noticed Rokk’s immunity to the mycotoxin, changed her tune and declared it to be from weaponized TB.  Alice informed her that she had better find a cure, or Sri Lanka would be levelled.
  • Alarmed, Dr. Smith tried to reach Dr. Agroya, but in vain.  He’s no longer answering…  But Pointdexter got camera shots of the kidnapping — and kept the info to himself.
  • Inquisitor Ignatius, with Supriya’s help, convinced Dr. Smith that she must remain on St. Dymphna to minister to the sick (staying suited up the whole time!) while the Razor’s Edge went through the smelter to decon.
  • On the way to the smelter, the whole crew assisted Milton Pointdexter so he could finally complete the stealth upgrades he had begun working on before Rokk left for Earth.
  • But while Pointdexter, Supriya and her assistants were on EVA to finish the work, the smelter lit up and started pointing toward the ship.  Hull temperature began spiking…
  • And inside the ship, Rokk, Alice, and Inquisitor Ignatius saw the alien device activate once again, showing a display of the System.

To be continued next episode!

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