I’m almost done writing the promised actual play review of Legends Walk! – Truth & Justice Edition for RPGNet; I should be able to submit it tonight. RPGNet has also accepted my actual play review of Truth & Justice itself.

Tomorrow, we’re going to see a puppet opera, with three of our friends! We’ll see The Liberation of Ruggiero from the Island of Alcina, the first known opera composed by a woman, which:

…features a prologue by Neptune, the seductive spells of Alcina the sorceress, a chorus of enchanted plants, an army of monsters and the romance between the valiant North African knight Ruggiero and the French warrior maiden Bradamante.

Should be fun! Then from 6 to 8 pm, it’s last goodbyes to Terry and Angel who have sold Brooklyn Grinder and are moving on to new adventures. 😦

Jen is going to be there and is staying overnight, possibly to play a game of Warmachines against Edmund, but most likely to just hang out, I’m gonna guess.

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