Origins Awards 2007: RPG of the Year Nominees

A couple of games I like, nominated for 2007 RPG of the Year Origins Award:

Roleplaying Game of the Year
Burning Empires (Burning Wheel)
Exalted, 2nd Edition (White Wolf)
Faery’s Tale (Firefly Games)
Hollow Earth Expedition (Exile Game Studio)
RuneQuest (Mongoose Publishing)

Of those, I own Burning Empires, Faery’s Tale, and Hollow Earth Expedition. I’m rooting for HEX because it’s a better rounded game than my second choice, Faery’s Tale. Although Burning Empires is gorgeous, I didn’t enjoy it at all and I don’t think it’s suited to a majority of gamers. But we all know the most likely winner is Exalted

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