Review: Truth & Justice

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Chad Underkoffler’s Truth & Justice is a deceptively simple system packing a wallop of a punch. It will satisfy players by giving them superheroes (and villains) that are badass from the start, and it will make the GM’s life easier by making it a breeze to handle surprises and create even major NPCs on the fly. Continue reading “Review: Truth & Justice”

Legends Walk! — Truth & Justice Edition

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Legend Walks! – T&J Edition makes a great supplement for Truth & Justice , whether as a resource for players characters imbued by the gods or as a campaign setting sourcebook.

Disclaimer: I participated in the playtest of this edition of Legends Walk! and received a complimentary copy of the PDF version.

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My reviews for Truth & Justice and for Legends Walk! – T&J Edition appeared on RPG Net this morning. They’ve been well received so far, I’m so happy! I wasn’t sure I had explained very well, but it sounds like people are “getting” what I was trying to say. 🙂

20×20 means a lot of different things

Real Change News has launched its 20×20 summer fund drive, inviting supporters to tell 20 of their friends why they support Real Change, and asking the friends to make a $20 donation to Real Change.

So here’s my pitch: Real Change is an organisation that helps homeless people break from the downward spiral by helping them make life changes, learn skills, earn money, move into homes and jobs, and keep off the streets. Real Change News is their newspaper, now published weekly and selling for $1 — with 50 cents out of this going directly to the person selling it. Vendors have to be checked and approved, so someone who has a Real Change vendor ID card is someone who is off drugs and alcohol, and is making real efforts to find work and stay off the streets.

The newspaper itself is interesting and informative, giving perspective on many important local and national issues as well as fun facts about some little-known aspects of Seattle’s history, people and locations.

Finally, Real Change is an advocacy organisation working for social justice, dignity and peace. I’m proud to count them among the charitable organizations I support. I hope some of those reading this will consider sending $20 to Real Change and passing the word about their fine work.