Catching Up

After running another episode of Top 10: Night Shift over the weekend of May 12-13 (the PCs had to fight without powers!) and remembering to call mom on Sunday for her birthday as well as grandma for Mother’s Day, I was gone last week for several days, to beautiful Metlakatla, Alaska near Ketchikan. I’ve been lucky so far in my visits there; although they get more rainfall and overcast days than Seattle(!), I’ve had consistently sunny weather. Yay me. 🙂

Over the weekend (May 19-20), we made a brief visit to the Cheese Festival at the Pike Place Market, but my impression was very similar to ‘s observations. I never actually got to the cheese because I didn’t want to push through the crowds. Later that day, we went to the University District Street Fair, where our friend Terry and his band Manalive were playing at the end of the day. The weather had stayed good all day, despite a gloomy forecast… but it started raining hard in the middle of Manalive’s set. It was a Charlie Brown moment. 😦

On Sunday we went to run errands, had lunch at Honey Bear Bakery and poked around Third Place Books. In the evening, we had out first L5R game in Edmund’s new campaign, The Mean Streets of Ryoko Owari. The party includes an epileptic Crane yojimbo with no leadership abilities as the head magistrate, an opium fiend Unicorn courtier, and a Lion magistrate with a drinking habit, as well as a peasant yoriki who is secretly a badger spirit, and an enigmatic monk. ^_^

Finally, last night we played episode #5 of Roanoke — Jumlin is coming! Accusations of witchcraft! The colony tearing itself apart! Emme, Charity, Braith and Paiyn steal one of the boats and head for the mainland! A good time was had by all…

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