Photography and the Long Weekend in Sight

On Tuesday night we had a class on composition in photography, with Jim Altengarten. It wasn’t new material, but it’s a useful and comprehensive refresher. I like Jim’s classes; he’s well prepared, explains concepts clearly, has lots of Q-and-A with the participants, and gives us our money’s worth. It’s not like that in every class! Some instructors are well intentioned and knowledgeable about photography, but can’t explain their way out of a paper bag. Others are woefully under-prepared, content to wing everything. And a few just choose to give as little, and put in as little effort, as they can get away with. Jim is head and shoulders above most of the instructors we’ve had. (Another good one is Kevin Ord.)

Last night we were supposed to go to the Burke Museum‘s celebration of Linnaeus’ 300 birthday, but we decided to stay home and plan our weekend trip more carefully instead. I think it was a wise choice, we modified our itinerary and improved our packing list. We’re now going as far as the Blue Mountains. We’re packing tonight. It’s rather awkward that we have a house guest coming in — she’s flying out to California early tomorrow morning for the long weekend, and leaving her car at our place. And she’ll be back on Tuesday night — so no tête-à-tête dinner for my birthday. We had already said yes when the timing hadn’t sunk in. Oh well!

We plan on visiting Puffer Butte, Fields Spring, Hells Canyon, and more. Photo time! It’s supposed to be mostly sunny and warm over there through the weekend.