At Least it’s a Monday Off

So the long weekend didn’t work out quite as planned. The idea of going to Fields Spring State Park to get away from the crowds was excellent. We had a good time on Saturday poking around the region, following the Grande Ronde River, climbing Puffer Butte to get views of the Palouse area, etc.. However, the nice weather forecast did not hold and it rained during the night of Saturday to Sunday, and through Sunday morning. Since it looked like it was holding, we started heading back west, since Central Washington was still sunny (but with brutal high winds). However, by that time everything decent was filled, so we eventually made it back home last night. At least the cats were pleased.

We’ll go to the movies this afternoon to make up for it, and of course we have the Exodus II game tonight. We posted our games for Go Play Northwest: I will run a Wilderness of Mirrors game set in 1968, and Edmund will run a Questers of the Middle Realms game set in Tékumel. This morning I’ve been working on the Dragonflight and Emerald City Gamefest stuff.