Beuah. It was only a four-day week, but I had trouble making it through.

The fact that I spend my evenings working for Dragonflight and Emerald City Gamefest is for something in it. It feels like I’m never really off-duty. I don’t think I’ll do the Dragonflight convention planning thing next year, it just doesn’t feel very satisfying. And of course ECG will be much more streamlined next year, since I won’t need to deal with incorporation and licenses again.

I’m running my Top 10 game tomorrow; we have an ECG meeting on Sunday morning; Edmund’s L5R game on Sunday night; and the finale of ‘s Exodus II game on Monday night. I also have to do a mass-mailing for Dragonflight.

The weather has been wonderful in the last few days, sunny, about 25°C in day time, and 11-12° at night. Of course, we’re getting clouds for the weekend, what a surprise… But I guess that’s OK given that a lot of the stuff we’re doing this weekend is indoors. We have, however, managed to rearrange the schedule so we have every other weekend free for camping.

It’s my birthday a little more today: my new portable hard drive was delivered today. Also I got the care package from my mom and sister yesterday, which included a couple of books and a DVD.

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