Tuesday is my slow-down day

Ufda! I managed to churn through the list in my last entry. My Top 10 game went at about 90° of what I had expected (the PCs took off to another parallel!) but we rolled with it and still had fun. What’s not to love in crashing a would-be kidnapper’s aircar into the temple of Venus?

On Sunday, the Emerald City Gamefest meeting was productive, then with Edmund’s help I prepared the mailing for Dragonflight, and then when I really was ready for a nap we had the new L5R game where I helped a player finish his character.

Finally, last night we had the season finale of ‘s Exodus II game, and it was great. Between that and the Roanoke season finale next week, I’m sad: all my favourite shows are ending! :-}

So yeah, tonight I intend to goof off, fiddle with some story updates, and go to bed early.

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