Monkeying Around

The weather forecast for the weekend was half-right: Saturday was very rainy, but Sunday was quite nice, at least in our immediate area. I’ll be learning more about how that weather mess works, as I’m finally reading a book Edmund gave me last year, Steve Poole and Scott Sistek’s Somewhere, I Was Right: Why Northwest Weather Is So Unpredictable. So far, it’s an entertaining and easy book.

So Saturday we went to the Dragonflight convention monthly planning meeting. It was held right at the Bellevue Hilton where the convention will take place in August. Two and a half hours is way longer than I want to spend in any meeting; and I’m chilled by the lack of camaraderie among the old-timers. I think I’ll try to find other ways of making myself useful next year.

In the evening, I spent some time drawing cartoon monkeys for the Emerald City Gamefest poster, which we need to have ready in time for Go Play NW in less than two weeks. I was happy enough with my cartoon monkeys considering it’s amateur stuff, but it would be nice if we got a pro to do it. Unfortunately, we’re *ahem* a low-budget outfit.

On Sunday, we went to the monthly luncheon with the local RPG club, Seattle Gamers Assemble!; Laura had suggested meeting in the Fremont district for a change, and the group had voted to go eat Greek food, so we went to Costas Opa which was pretty nice. Then some of us hung out at the Fremont market and the Fremont Canal Park, because the weather was very pleasant.

And on Sunday night I finally managed to update the Roanoke story on our RPGNet Actual Play thread, in anticipation of tonight’s game, which will be the season finale. I also worked on the relationship maps for Roanoke and Exodus II, will try to finish on Tuesday night. I think they’re starting to look nice, but they’re not in a state I can post yet.

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