My summary of role-playing forum threads

Since I’m “on a roll” of rolling my eyes, here is my handy Field Guide to RPG Forum Threads. If you ever find one of a number of role-playing-related threads orphaned by the cruel currents of the Intertubes, this will help you find its rightful home.

  • “Exalted roxxxxxorzz!!!!LOL!”: Easy-peasy, RPGNet.
  • “Why RPGNet and Teh Forge suck ass and why I’m glad when bad things happen to them”: Obviously The RPG Site.
  • “A modest proposal to show why other gamers are barbarian apes and why Your Thread was posted in the wrong forum. Ignoramus.” Welcome to The Forge.
  • “Critique my new game: Awesome! The Awesomest! You’re on Story Games. Awesome, dude!
  • “Creating non-sexist games with gender differences – Also: look at the pretty pink dice bag I just knitted!” The IRIS Network. Please don’t use bad language here.
  • “I like GURPS. Other games are OK, too, though! Do you like GURPS?” Well, fair enough – you’re on the SJ Games forum. They’re nice, really nice. But I don’t play GURPS.
  • Any really interesting topic that got all of three replies: GameCraft.

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