Garden salad of odds and ends

I hear it’s ‘s birthday today. Happy birthday! 🙂

On Tuesday night, I posted the summary of the Roanoke season finale (starting here).

Last night I slapped together a draft poster for the 2007 edition of Emerald City Gamefest. I’ve already received several useful comments, will try to improve the design tonight.

Unfortunately, that means I went to bed too late and I’m really tired now. 😦

But I still managed to ding a spammer today. He must be new to the business. He joined the SGA list with an address that left me to suspect he wasn’t local; and within five minutes, he was sending spam about cell phones. Since I’ve got the list set to moderating all new users, I was the only one who saw it. He used his business address, though, for some “market research” company (read: spammers that pay taxes) in California. I forwarded the message and a snippy complaint to his bosses, and they responded within the hour.

I assume I will be rewarded by being added to 1,000 spamming lists, but I’m already as spammed as I can be, so unless it’s an outright DoS attack, I won’t really notice.

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