Museums, games, food, books, oh my!

Saturday was quite well-filled with activities. In the morning we went to the opening for the Burke Museum‘s new exhibit, Yellowstone to Yukon. It was great because the photographer, Florian Schulz, was there to give the first tour and then we heard a talk by the founder of the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) Conservation Initiative, and he was very, very interesting.

Then we grabbed a couple of gyros for lunch before heading for my Top 10: Night Shift game. It’s so absolutely great to be using the Truth & Justice system plus “distributed authority” (oooh! big words!) I had had no chance to prepare because I spent my time on week nights and Saturday morning working on Dragonflight and Emerald City Gamefest. But I still had my notes prepared for the previous game, when the PCs decided to head for another Parallel instead; I figured I could reuse my notes, since we never hit on the plots I had prepared. Well, sure enough they headed for yet another dimension, but we winged it and had a great time. I ad-libbed the visit to Parallel 9, a “bold experiment where machine intelligences and humans live in harmony”, and the Decepticonvalescence Hospital.

It’s been very entertaining to have the players able to add clues and evidence, where we’re playing a sort of one-upmanship of “who can keep track of the clues and come up with a plausible explanation?” The players also seemed to derive great entertainment in submitting one of my poor NPCs (well, OK, he’s a slimy jerk) to a tight interrogation and worm his guilt out of him. I was tickled pink to see how much fun they were having intimidating Dr. Mortulus. After the game we went out for Thai food.

On Sunday morning we went to Third Place Books, where I was looking for “Punished by Rewards” by Alfie Kohn, recently recommended by . The very nice personnel helped me find it, and used too so I only paid $8. I also got “Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest” for a co-worker who is getting married. Pause in the afternoon to (mostly) update the Top 10 Web site, then we went to our L5R game. The group had agreed to order dinner from Zaika, a local Indian restaurant; it turned out to be a bad idea. The food is really good and I like going there, but we’ve had nothing but bad luck with delivery every time we called. They get lost (it’s a stunningly easy drive), they get the order wrong, they forget part of the order, etc. So next time, we eat in or pick up the order ourselves. Or order elsewhere.

Tonight’s game at the club: “Spontaneous Zombie Collaborative: The Blood Boat – in RISUSvision!” ^_^

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