Spontaneous Collaborative Zombie Heavenly Fire Palm Strike!

…Or: last night’s game rocked on toast.

We had a, a, I’m trying not to go for the cliché here but it’s Risus after all, an Awesome time last night.  It was a rollicking good game where we made use of such sterling abilities as “Loser”, “Blaxploitation”, “Navy Nurse”, “Cruise Ship Captain” and “Rebellious Daughter”. Better than that, it really was a very collaborative game.  Our GM, Manu, had prepared a very entertaining prologue, but I think most of the story development were thrown in by players (though maybe we were playing right into his hand!)

I was really happy to have introduced the Montana Minutemen Militia (MMM) as the non-zombie bad guys.

[Cross-posted to the SGA mailing list.]

Addendum: I also had my dice-induced glory moment when my character, goth unwilling debutante Summer Westgate, went zipping across the Engineering station on a rolling office chair, armed with a shuffleboard stick and a stolen pistol — and rolled five 6s against the zombies. I declared that my character was being written by Joss Whedon for the scene.

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