Friday sounds good to me

I’ve been working diligently on the prize coordination for Dragonflight, and posters and business license applications for Emerald City Gamefest. The Dragonflight thing is going well. It’s strange that in its 27th edition, it’s apparently the first time the convention has Prize Coordinator as a separate position. (Heck, they don’t even have a Volunteer Coordinator position!) Consequently, it’s easy to get good results because all prizes we had before were almost incidental; this year, I’ve made a systematic effort to solicit prize donations. As for ECG, we’ll have our shiny new poster:

displayed at Go Play NW this weekend.

And speaking of Go Play NW, it should be a fun weekend. We’re meeting at the Elysian brewery tonight for dinner, then it’s gaming all day Saturday and Sunday. We’ll know some local people, and a lot more we’ve only met online. I’ll be running Wilderness of Mirrors, the perfect game for lazy GMs since the players have to do all the thinking and planning. ^_^

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