Running out of steam…

OK, I need to go to bed early tonight. I ran my Seven Leagues game last night and we had fun, but the only reason it was good is that the players are fantastic; my batteries are pretty empty. :-\

We did laugh a lot, and the players were wonderful as usual — I got a big kick out of Laura virtually creating the allegory of Lady Liberty for the benefit of 1776 New Yorkers, Thor getting a contact high from being blasted by his own lightning, the Bogeyman scaring the populace into rebellion, and the Headless Horseman riding through the English barracks.

The Metro Seattle Gamers club is leaving its current location this weekend and moving to new digs on Armoury St.; we’ll see how that affects our weekly SGA games. On the one hand, it will probably be a nicer facility; on the other, the price is probably going to rise significantly, so we’re not sure how many people we might lose. Next Monday’s game is Edmund’s Roanoke: Grindhouse Edition, run in the octaNe system. I’m very much looking forward to it; so far the character transpositions sound hilarious.

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