A Good Saturday

The plan for yesterday’s day trip to Vancouver was accomplished almost flawlessly. The only item on the list which we missed was the Nitobe Japanese garden, as we ran out of time. The attractions on the UBC campus close quite early, and in fact we need to go back to spend more time at the wonderful Museum of Anthropology.

But between visits to the aquarium and the MoA, we did have a nice lunch at Juliet’s Cafe in the Kitsilano district (sandwiches and salads). After our visit to the MoA, we tried a new sushi place, Iki Japanese Restaurant, also in Kitsilano. They’ve been open less than three months, so the place looks brand spanking new and very clean of course. The food was absolutely delicious and surprisingly inexpensive. We ate sushi like four little piglets and to our surprise, got out under $60 (before tip) for the meal.

So we left Seattle around 6:30am and got home (after dropping off everyone else) about 11:00pm. We felt unreasonably pleased with ourselves for picking the Lynden border and timing our crossings so we missed the lines in both directions. The southbound crossing from Canada was hideous when we crossed northbound in the morning, but had completely emptied out by the time we returned around 8:45pm. The Customs officer said the line had started on Friday afternoon and had only emptied out around 7pm on Saturday, so we missed it by less than two hours.

All in all a good fun day.

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