Sunday was fun too!

Yesterday we went to see Paprika at the Varsity Theater, and we enjoyed it quite a bit. The fact that the movie is about the dream world and is never completely out of it compensates nicely for what I normally refer to as anime’s “WTF factor”. It’s well worth seeing on a big screen if you’re going to see it at all. For more detail, read ‘s review.

Between Friday night and last night, I also managed to wrap up relationship maps for the Roanoke and Exodus II games. We also had a few bits of good news concerning game gatherings.

First, there’s the Emerald City Gamefest yo-yo game. I didn’t post this here, but on Wednesday we learned that Third Place Commons was going back on our agreement and decided we couldn not have the facility because we were “too big”. We know very well that they hold larger events there, so we suspect something else is the true reason. Our best guess is that because they had messed up our reservation and let other events be scheduled for the same day, they decided it was easier or more convenient to say no to us than jostle the other events. Or possibly they have a bad view of gamers, who knows. Although at first we were terribly disappointed, we immediately received shows of support from Dragonflight and from Avalon/Conquest NW, and that was great. We’ll have our event, we’ll just have to work a little harder to find a place, funding, etc.

Second, there’s the Metro Seattle Gamers club, the ones that rent a facility we’ve been using for the SGA Monday night games. The move was this weekend (Edmund lent a hand on Friday) and also a general meeting. They voted to accept the SGA special price structure proposal, which will allow us to keep gaming there on Mondays at the new location (1600 West Armory Way). While MSG membership has a two-tier structure (key membership at $50 a month and regular membership at $25/month), the SGA “Monday night only” price will be $15 a month or $5 a visit, with the first visit free. They even added free admission for GMs (we had merely proposed retaining the current reduced fee of $1). This is very good news for gaming in Seattle, since it will help both SGA and MSG.

Tonight, we’re trying the new MSG facility for the first time, as Edmund is serving up chili and running Roanoke: Grindhouse Edition!

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