Over-the-top evening

The Roanoke: Grindhouse Edition game was a lot of fun, though it was exhausting. It’s funny, but octaNe is a really exhausting game for both players and GM. I assume it’s because you have to be constantly thinking on your feet, throwing back “what’s next” to the group, and controlling narration, without the benefit of planning ahead. Compared to other games where we share narration, it consumes way more energy somehow.

Before the game we had dinner together; Edmund had made chili and born muffins, and they were really, really good. People had brought other snacky things, and we all ate together including Mike and Kristian from MSG. I really like sharing a meal with the rest of the group, I think people become much relaxed and friendly.

Then we delved into the game, and let me tell you, the actual play thread is going to make us look like a bunch of psychopaths. Even Mike and Kristian, who were not in the game but were getting the new location set up a bit, were throwing in (evil) ideas. We were pretty much playing what fearful right-wing parents in the 80s believed RPGs were all about!

Also, bonus treat: had received new batches of the Comfort Guides for restrooms and matrimony, so I was finally able to buy my copies. They are well worth the meagre $2. I particularly like the zany little background figures in the background of the Comfort Guide: Matrimony, including someone from the Ministry of Silly Walks. 🙂

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