T&J saves my day!

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I’ve been raving for several months now about how much easier Truth & Justice makes my life as GM. I can limit game prep to a couple of pages of bullet points, spending maybe an hour or two per episode. Yet the games are livelier than ever, and the players bouncing with ideas because they never have to worry about their characters being unable to tackle these good ideas.

This weekend, we had a striking example of how GM-friendly T&J is. I expected to have four players present, and one away on vacation. But when I showed up, not only was the fifth player back from vacation (I had stupidly mixed up the dates), but her brother was there and wanted to play too. Yes, I had been told in advance, yes, I had dumbly forgotten that I had a sixth player — and one who had never played RPGs before. I now had to help a newcomer make a character, throw in additional plot elements, and handle 50% more players than I had expected when prepping, all for the closing episode of a multi-episode story arc.

The new player is a very smart man in his early forties, who likes sci-fi and comic books but is not a hardcore fan. We discussed a couple of character concepts he had thought about, and happily were able to easily fit one of those in the on-going plot. We easily walked him through character creation, and cheerfully crammed his powers into one meta-power. Although the game started later than expected, especially after a lot of “How was your vacation?” chatter at the beginning, we had a very busy episode, crammed full of ideas and action including the big showdown between the PCs and a nemesis. It was a very satisfying game for the whole group, and the new player kept up just fine throughout the episode.

I can’t even imagine running that game, under those conditions, and with such a successful result with any supers game I’ve ever run, played or read.

After the game we went for Indian food at Zaika’s, always a pleasant way to end the day. On Sunday we mostly putzed around, did the grocery shopping, etc., then ended with Edmund’s L5R game, which was a murder mystery and a lot of fun. It’s only yesterday that it finally dawned on me that we’re now playing two police procedurals back-to-back.

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