No game, yet lots of gaming goodness

Even though we did not have any games scheduled this weekend, we had lots of social activities related to games.

On Saturday morning we had two meetings back-to-back: the monthly meeting for the Dragonflight convention, and the quarterly board meeting for Dragonflight the umbrella organisation. Nice productive meetings; the highlights for us are that I am a candidate for one of three board positions opening in August (there are at least five candidates so we’ll have elections, which is a good thing); and that the board asked Edmund to take the position of president (an executive position appointed by the board, not subject to election.)

Then we did a bit of shopping for this week’s menu, and eventually headed out to our friends Ed and Linda’s barbecue party, which was very pleasant. Lots of nice people, lots of good food, and the weather was hot but not as much as it had been earlier this week. We love “partly cloudy” in Seattle!

Today (Sunday) we went to the monthly Seattle Gamers Assemble! luncheon. We met at a new game store that opened 10 days ago, Blue Highway Games in the Queen Anne district. It’s a lovely store, very attractive and cheerful, specializing in Euro board games, a lot of games you can play right there at the store, and several tables for gamers. It’s very kid-friendly and family-friendly. My only criticism is that the noise level gets very high because the the echo factor (high ceilings).

Then we all walked to The Thai Kitchen and commandeered their patio. There was a baker’s dozen of us, which is a nice turnout for these events, including new people and people we hadn’t seen in a long while. That was great! The food was delicious too. The service was OK, not warm or great, but I guess if a dozen people showed up unannounced on my watch, I might be less than thrilled. :-\

After that, five of us (including a newcomer, Brian — that was awfully nice of him) went over to the new location for the Metro Seattle Gamers club and helped set up shelves, put away games and boxes of stuff, and clear a second of the three rooms. (The third will require another afternoon and more shelving.) All in all, we were pretty pleased with ourselves for putting in a good afternoon’s worth of work — us lowly role-players who have had to convince the “serious” wargamers they should put up with us (because pretending to be a WWII general is more respectable than pretending to be an Elf princess…) We’re always there when there’s work to be done, but the grognards aren’t. 😉

Between the convention meeting on Saturday and the games that were donated by the club this afternoon, we have over $3,300 in prizes tight now for the Dragonflight convention. I’ve updated the inventory, looked up the list price for some collector’s items, pretty nifty stack of loot.

Then Edmund and I came home and he cooked lovely steaks for dinner, with Spanish rice and corn on the cob. I call it a good weekend.

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