Wah, a week since my last entry. Lots of little things mostly related to games, conventions, vacation planning, etc.

Saturday: Ran my “Top 10” Truth & Justice game, first instalment of a new story arc. Low energy game, averaging for the several high-energy ones we’ve had recently. We still have a nice time getting together and having dinner afterwards.

Sunday: Gruesome meeting for Emerald City Gamefest. We had to discuss someone’s poor/negative/counterproductive/unreliable participation. Motion was passed to vote on his membership status at the next meeting. Harrying morning. Afterwards, we went to help with more cleanup and setup and the new club location, hurrah, several people showed up and did great work. Then Edmund, Laura, Chuck and I headed to the movies and saw Live Free or Die Hard. It’s entertaining crap, but we were happy for the break. Edmund had had to cancel his L5R game at the last minute because a player (and hostess) had health-related problems and we couldn’t find another location in time.

Monday: Played in ‘s Exodus II game, trying out new mechanics and spinning the plot. I think Johnzo feels we weren’t being back-stabby enough, but I say there is a time for everything. ^_^

Tuesday: Met with Mark, who made his character for Edmund’s new Iron Kingdoms True20 game.

Wednesday: Aforementioned problem individual in Emerald City Gamefest, who had been, um, remarkably active online in the last couple of days, suddenly decided to quit. Everyone had some regrets that things had come to this, but expressed relief that it was more or less over (I expect some aftershocks at a later date). Then we met with Mike last night so he could make his Iron Kingdoms character, then played Let’s Kill with Mark and John R. and generally chit-chatted about games.

During this whole time, I’ve been working on obtaining prize donations for Dragonflight, getting the ads and fliers from sponsors, making sure the information is passed on to the convention director, the Web master, the dealer liaison, etc., as well as allocating prizes received to the various events. Also, the flamey thread over my recent review of Burning Empires is still sizzling a little, though it’s mostly down to embers.

Fun: I should receive not only the print copy of Shock from Joshua Newman (the prize I selected after coming in third for best review of Sci-Fi week), but he is also sending a PDF version of the new revised (1.1) edition. I think that’s super-neat!

No activities planned for this weekend, but next Monday Edmund is going to photograph the arrival of the canoes in this year’s Tribal Journey. We took lots of photos last year and it was wonderful, but I can’t take Monday off since I’m saving all my time for our vacation. And speaking of vacation, we now have to have the mega-car inspection before we leave — wouldn’t want to take off for a major road trip without a good checkup. We also want to have a CD/mp3 player installed in the car since all we have is a radio — not even a tape player!

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