Things are heating up as we get close to Dragonflight. I spent a large chunk of Saturday allocating the donated prizes to various events so we could have winners throughout the convention, in all types of games, and cover all the tournaments. Naturally, all this will keep changing until the last minute as sponsors’ packing lists change and event coordinators suddenly remember what they need for their events.

We did find time to go see Sunshine at the the Neptune Theatre (it’s not the most comfortable, but I really like the Neptune). The movie was, eh, OK. I really like the hard sci-fi feel, but the events thrown in to make it movie-like (i.e., anything but the science) are kind of eye-rollers, especially at the end. Also, being a David Brin fan, I wondered where the refrigeration laser was. :-\

On Sunday, aside from a trip to Glazer’s to get film, I spent the day working on the ECG logo and trying to get the Emerald City Gamefest site looking like a, well, Website.

Monday, Edmund went to do some photo work at the arrival of the annual Canoe Journey, hosted this year by the Lummi Nation. Unfortunately, although he had a great experience, the photo part didn’t pan out too much because the location was bad for lighting; he had to shoot directly against the sun. That means he also missed the Monday night game. I had dinner downtown at Cilantro (a Thai restaurant), then took the 18 bus route to the MSG club house. As a result, I ended up missing the (non-fatal) shooting that took place right along my regular bus route at rush hour. I did see the numerous helicopters, and was happy to miss the action.

I did play in a game of Forgotten Futures that was fun, mostly thanks to the people around the table. I wasn’t so impressed with the system; for the same limitations but with much more interesting play style and advantages, I would recommend using The Shadow of Yesterday instead. However, the group is tremendous fun and was only made better by the presence of two new players, Aaron and Brian, as well as Peter who recently joined us. It’s all about the people! And although the system was only so-so, the GM, John R., added player-driven narration and expanded the use of Bonus Points, which made things more fun.

Last night (Tuesday) I worked on a quick-and-dirty Webpage to showcase Dragonflight sponsors and prizes donated. I hope it will be posted soon.

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