Other people call it a hobby, I call it being busy…

Thursday night I played in Edmund’s new Iron Kingdoms True20 campaign. I was brain-dead, but it’s another nice group to play with. We managed to play through the first basic combat encounter, familiarizing ourselves with the combat and magic rules. Saturday was my Top 10: Night Shift campaign, more energy than the previous game and several plot threads pushed forward. I need to find time next week to update the story summary.

Also on Saturday, we had lunch with Jen at Johnny’s Mediterranean Cafe (an unpretentious Greek restaurant); picked up a huge box of prizes donated by our friendly local gaming store, The Dreaming, for Dragonflight; and had dinner with the gaming group at Wild Mountain Cafe. On Sunday I inventoried the prizes from Dragonflight and worked on the prize assignments, while Edmund cooked a casserole for the evening’s pot luck. Then we picked up fliers for The Dreaming from Kinko’s, brought the fliers for Malcontent Games, The Game Matrix, Golden Age Collectables, and The Dreaming, as well as the bags from Games & Gizmos, to the envelope stuffing party where we prepared the program registration packets for Dragonflight. The rest of the group was going to have a barbecue afterwards, but we had to run for Edmund’s Legends of the Five Rings game and the pot luck. Another fun evening, where I got to play my badger shapeshifter trickster spirit.

Then I read this morning that in the first playtest of his Do game, ‘s players had opted to use my letter. The game’s premise is that the player characters are young monks at the Temple in the Center of the Sky, who pass the initiation by responding to various letters containing pleas for assistance. A few months ago, Daniel put out a call for people to write letters, and I wrote one. I plan on writing more when I have a little more free time, but Daniel said he was not in a big hurry since he was not trying to hit a deadline such as this year’s GenCon. Anyhow, many good people wrote very fun letters (at least the ones I had a chance to read) and I was amazed that the group picked mine. I’m eager to find out what they did with it, because I tried to leave a lot of hooks for different takes on the story and even for whether the author was completely mistaken about the situation.

Tonight, I get to play Spirit of the Century for the first time!

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