Dragonflight starts tomorrow. Let me list the woes.

We have dealers, you know, the same people who buy ads and set up tables and sell stuff at the convention every year, people who we have been talking to about this since February, trying to schedule entire new tournaments this week. A new one every day of the week, including today.

We have sponsors who are certainly well intended, but by failing to read/listen to responses to their own questions end up causing as much havoc as they provide help. Some of them appear to be auditioning for the lead role in the movie Memento.

We have demo game organizers with a strong sense of entitlement — whatever they want, we should provide immediately or better yet, guess. And if they want to dip in the prize basket and help themselves, that should be OK too, right?

We have convention staff members who don’t read their e-mails for days and even weeks on end, or who can’t manage the Internet while people who are begging to help us with cool events — broadcasting a podcast, setting up a LARP, demo games, or tournaments, screening movies, etc. — can’t get an answer.

We have staff who insist on snagging certain positions but don’t really want to do the work, and people who don’t want to be responsible for certain positions but still want to mess with the tasks involved, at the cost of duplicating efforts.

We have people who want to volunteer in order to get their convention fees reimbursed, but no volunteer coordination system — I suspect that in a way, the long-time organizers don’t even want to deal with volunteers.

I think the event itself is going to be fun, and there will be good gaming. I am thankful to a small number of staff members who are in fact efficient and want to serve the gaming community, rather than just themselves. I also know that a measure of frantic last-minute rearranging is inevitable. But I feel that despite being the 27th edition of the convention, this event is held in a thoroughly amateur fashion. Worse, most of the staff members don’t even want to cooperate or, Heaven forbid, change the way they’ve “always” done things.

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