Better today

My knee is rapidly getting better. It’s still very stiff and somewhat painful, but I have regained a whole lot more movement range and it can support my weight well enough; I’m hardly limping anymore. Yay!

Last night we had a birthday party for Laura at the Monday night game. We brought a chocolate-neutronium cake from Honey Bear Bakery — I swear this thing weighed about 20 pounds. It was still heavier than most full cakes of the same diameter by the time there was only about a third of it left. Everybody was comatose, except Laura who after a while started bouncing off the wall from sugar rush! ^_^

Laura ran her episodic Mystery Men game using the Savage Worlds/Necessary Evil system and tagging on house rules for taking narrative control by spending bennies and earning bennies by narrating complications. It was goofy and fun; I particularly liked Edmund introducing the Bronze Boogieboarder, Herald of Universalis, as an NPC. I wish I could remember some of the great goofy deadpan lines people uttered.

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