Preliminary mini-review: The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries

[Cross-posted to Story Games.]

When I got home last night, my pre-ordered copy of Eric Boyd’s Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries was waiting for me (along with Eric’s surprise gift for pre-orders!) I’ve read through the first three chapters of this little book. So far I’m very excited about it; it’s an easy and fun read, well organized, well laid out (another impeccable Fred Hicks job), and well edited (I’ve only spotted one typo to date, and it was one a spell-checker would not catch.)

I won’t be able to tell how well the system works until I try it but on simple reading, it looks like a ton of fun. It’s possible that it may not flow as well as it reads in actual play, but I’m hopeful. It has a lot of elements that I love in other games, and I’m stoked to play. Alas, it will probably have to wait for a few weeks. Reading the book, I was wondering how well it would adapt to other settings, and I readily thought of “Tales from the Floating Vagabond”, “Callahan Cross-Time Saloon”, and of course “Tales from the Cantina.” The key phrases would only need to be reworded a little (not that I won’t be enirely satisfied playing Vernian, Wellsian and Haggardian adventures.)

I have only one criticism, and it’s that I really don’t like the cover art. I would not be attracted by the cover to pick this up at the store, and I don’t think it transmits the feel of the game. At best, I’m reminded of 1980s games like the old Tri Tac Games books.

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