More on the Committee

[Cross-posted to Story Games.]

Squeeeee! I’m really enjoying this book so far. I’ve just finished reading through Chapter 4, the heftiest in the book — a relative concept in an easy-read 120-page book. I find the writing very clear, and I appreciate the numerous and helpful play examples, cheat sheets, and bullet-point rules summaries. I believe author Eric J. Boyd said somewhere that this book was not intended for newcomers but for experienced gamers; but with very little additional explanation, I think this might be an excellent introduction to story games and RPGs for complete newcomers.

I’m guessing, of course; I won’t really know until I try playing it. The timed narration may be a challenge for some of my players who are particularly prone to kibitzing and digressions. Who knows, it might help keep the issue under control! 🙂

I know that a lot of trad gamers may be put off by the ritual key phrases (“Little did I know what challenge awaited me…”) and the structured scenes, but I think they may flow better than in other games I’ve struggled with, such as Capes! and Burning Empires. The whole atmosphere of the game is much more relaxed, though still aiming for suspenseful play. Only actual play will tell, of course…

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