D20 4 Puzzlement

So this is not meant as a slur toward anyone who enjoys playing d20 games. In fact, I’ve run M&M and played Dragonmech until a few months ago, and I’m playing in a True20 campaign right now. But the idea that people are going to suddenly drop their current multi-sourcebook purchases and buy the new edition puzzles me to no end. Seriously, that’s how I ended up dropping other games I was playing because I got tired as a gamer and consumer of being seen as an endless source of new funds.

I stopped buying the White Wolf products after having bought (well, between Edmund and I) pretty much everything they published in the 1990s. When they started repackaging old sourcebooks and selling them again, or going to third editions with barely anything changed (or with as many new problems as were fixed), I decided they weren’t getting any more of my money. The same happened with many other RPGs, and with miniatures games such as Warhammer 40,000 (“What do you mean, I have $500 worth of Orks I can’t use any more?”) and Clan War.

Seriously, I rather assume people were having fun with D20/D&D 3.x, as it sold so many products. If people like the current version, why would they drop everything they have and spend beaucoup bucks and effort to retool to a new system? And if they weren’t having fun, why the hell did they kvetch so much when those of us who aren’t that impressed with the system tried to get them to try something else every once in a while?

I just don’t see the point of a D&D4. But whatever.

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