Eeeeep! Time Compression!

So I’m a little frazzled right now trying to tie all the little loose ends before we leave on vacation. Haven’t actually started packing yet. I’m trying to wrap up work, bills, house- and cat-care, close out the Dragonflight obligations, make sure Emerald City Gamefest prep will continue moving along while we’re gone, kick-start the ConQuest NW RPG and story games section, and see to any travel gear that needs to be cleaned, fixed or replaced.

By the way, pass the word, story gamers: the Emerald City Gamefest crew has officially been requested to organize the role-playing section of the next edition of ConQuest Northwest in February. I’m excited to report that I successfully pitched the idea to have a story game lounge at the con. We’ve approached some of the people who organized Go Play NW — namely John Harper and Tony Dowler — and they’re interested in joining forces. We’re picturing a room dedicated to story games and hosted by SG folks, working the same way the two GPNW rooms worked in June. See you in the lounge!

No gaming over the weekend but we did have the Dragonflight post-convention debrief meeting (which ended up chewing the tasty middle out of our Sunday so that we couldn’t do anything fun like go see a movie.) The meeting was another long, rather tedious affair. I had prepared and handwritten thank-you cards for all our sponsors and partners, so we could all sign them; but several people just shrugged and declined to sign, which I thought was dumb (it costs no effort to say thanks). And someone left chocolaty fingerprints on the cards! Still, most people responded positively. There are a few dedicated, pleasant and effective individuals in the group, but there are also several who I think need to be shaken until their teeth rattle.

Finally, we had the second half of our Savage Xcrawl game at last night SGA Monday night game. No casualties, but we ran out of bennies/mojo points in the final encounter, so good suspense. It ended late, so I’m feeling tired this morning. This will be our last gaming until at least October 1 (for Edmund) or October 29 (for me). I should be suitable jittery from withdrawal by the time I game again!

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