We’re now in Rougemont where I come from, staying with my parents.  We zoomed through the Prairies and Ontario because mom finally thought it good to let me know, when I called on Thursday, that dad’s cancer is on the move again after two years of remission.  Suddenly, vacation and camping seemed less interesting.  Why didn’t mom tell me this months ago? She “didn’t want me to change my vacation plans”.  So instead of planning around the situation, I’m now trying to re-plan.  I had not saved vacation days to come back for Christmas, for example, even if it was not awfully late already to get affordable plane tickets.

So, are we having a good vacation?  Sorta kinda.  I do like a road trip, but now I’m stressed all over again.  We’ll play this week by ear, there are a lot of people I “have” to see and despite saying she’s leaving us entirely free, mom always has plans for us.

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