A day in Montreal

We went to town today, took the metro because it`s cheaper, easier, less hassles, and because we Seattleites need to verify every once in a while that mass transit is not merely some wild sci-fi idea that was touted at the 1961 World Expo.  

We headed for Old Montreal because Edmund has been doing a photo series on churches, so I just had to show him the Notre-Dame Basilica.  It was a bit of a shock for me, though; they now charge an entrance fee ($4) and the merchants are back in the temple.  Still as beautiful as ever, but a bit uncomfortable.  Also, I’m very sorry to discover that I can’t pray anymore.  It’s just not coming to me.  Maybe it will come back some day.  But I did send a lot of wishes for various people, though it doesn’t feel the same.

We had lunch in a little Italian restaurant nearby and had pizza, because Montreal has great pizza.  Later, we also had a couple of espresso dranks at a cafe, because it’s Montreal AND we now hail from Seattle — two good reasons.  We made a detour to Le Valet d’Coeur because, duh, great game store.  They now have a lot more board games and family games than RPGs, though.  I looked at some French RPGs but we bought nothing because we were being good.

Mom made stuffed peppers tonight, and cream of leek, and we had a little wine.   

Saturday, my sister and her family will be here to see us (they now live about 3 hours away in Lac Beauport near Quebec City.)  Sunday, we’re seeing my long-time friend Christian and having lunch in Inverness; then we’re visiting my former high school director!  Sister Marie-Rose Pelletier is a wonderful lady and one of the people I’ve kept in touch for over 25 years. 

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