The rest of the week

Thursday was sunny so we took some pictures around Rougemont.  Mom also pulled out somecopies of old photos and letters a relative had gathered, collected from the papers of my great-grandmother and great-aunts, and we chatted a bout family history and also general history.  Edmund and I took a 10-km walk around the area at sunset, but we should have left an hour earlier because it was quite dark by the time we came back.

Yesterday was dreadfully windy but rather sunny.  Mom, Edmund and I went to see my grandma and some of my aunts; it was a very pleasant day.  It’s nice that people actually want to see me.

This afternoon my sister and her family are supposed to visit from Lac Beauport.  Edmund and I spent a little time at the Cidrerie Michel Jodoin (cider house) just down the road so I could buy cider to bring back as a present for friends, and Edmund could do some photo work.  Michel makes hard cider, liqueurs, spirits, etc.  I used to play there with his sisters Johanne and Marcelle.  Johanne was in my class in elementary school; I met with her adult daughter Frédérique there at the cider house and was thoroughly depressed at how old I now am.  :-]

I’m blue because I know I will probably be here no more than a handful of times.  Dad is ill, and mom will have to sell the house when he dies.

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