Sophie needs

(Lifted this meme from .)

Go to Google, type in “(your name) needs,” e.g., “Sophie Needs”. Then list the first 10 things that show up:

  1. Sophie Needs MORE FOOD!
  2. Sophie needs your vote.
  3. Sophie needs a caption.
  4. Sophie needs the attention.
  5. Sophie Needs a New Home.
  6. Sophie needs a home with little commotion and a very cozy spot to go when life may get to be too much for her and she needs a break.
  7. Sophie ‘needs another miracle’.
  8. Sophie Needs A Hero
  9. Sophie needs a voice !!
  10. Sophie needs to relay this message to Evil Spock.

About as good as any horoscope or palm reader I’ve ever seen. 🙂

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