Can you get book poisoning?

I mean, like food poisoning when you eat a dubious sandwich? Because I think I just got that. :-p

I was supposed to have a working lunch today so I had no book with me when the lunch was cancelled. I went to have a sandwich at the deli across the street and on my way out I stopped by our office’s small lending library, where we all leave books for others to borrow. I was in the mood for a mystery or thriller, and choices were limited; I grabbed Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress, even though I had not been impressed with The Da Vinci Code, his only other book which I had read. I thought it would just be fast-food literature, easily read and digested.

Urp! I just read through the first three chapters — some of the worst reading I’ve done in a long time. Terrible! Clichéd, trite, factually weak, no hook to get anyone interested unless they only like to read old Harlequin novels (the non-racy kind), no rhythm, blah! Granted, it was his first novel, written five years before The Da Vinci Code. But how did he get a second contract?

So I won’t be reading the rest.

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